It is our priority to ensure full discretion and security. Our deposit boxes are located in a guarded vault, and protected by state-of-the-art security systems. A team of armed security guards equipped in innovative devices monitor the building and its surroundings 24h. Confidentiality and security are additionally ensured with our monitoring and biometric systems.

To ensure your convenience and discretion, we have applied a unique box opening system that involves two keys. Each key is unique and only fits in one lock. A Client who rents a box is given one key, whereas the other is kept by our personnel. The deposit box opening system has been engineered in such a way that it can only be opened with a combination of those two keys.

Our systems are recommended by central institutions and largest companies. By applying a sophisticated protection scheme we can ensure the safety of deposited items and documents.

All items within our security system have been designed and supplied by the specialist company of HARTMANN TRESORE.


The vault which is located in the BANK DEPOSIT CENTRE IN POZNAN is a certified treasury that satisfies the strictest global security standards. Therefore, we have a 10 million PLN insurance cover for the vault. While signing a deposit box rental contract you do not need to reveal the items that you are going to deposit. Confidentiality and discretion are among our priorities. However, we advise all Clients to keep their documents referring to the valuation or value of any deposited items in a separate location as they might be necessary for the payment of any possible indemnity in case of an insurance claim. Our Clients can also use an extra service involving the insurance of items stored in their deposit boxes. This however requires separate arrangements with insurance brokers.